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1. What are your guidelines for photos?

Professional photos are a must, (leave your smartphone pics for fun) min. size of 500kb 

2. Can I suggest a particular furniture style for the staging?

Absolutely! We are happy to work with your style ideas. Take a look at our ‘Gallery’ choices and make your selection. If there are any specific decor items you want, just add your request in the comment section of the order form.

3. How soon will I receive my completed virtually staged photos?

We understand your excitement to see the finished product as soon as possible, our team of designers is working diligently to create the ideal look for you within 12-24 hours.

4. What if there are existing furniture and or items that are undesirable, are you able to remove them and add new furniture designs?

We understand that you want to showcase the property at its best and sometimes it may need a “fresh” look. Our editing team can digitally remove any unwanted items and replace them with a style you prefer. 

5. Which rooms are best to stage?

For most homes, we recommend 4 - 6 photos. Be sure to include any rooms that buyers may find confusing or are not sure what is the type of room. Our clients see the most success with these rooms:

  • Living room (2) photos from different sides

  • Main bedroom

  • Dining and/or breakfast area

  • Family Room

  • Outdoor Area

6. Is it by the room or photo?

We charge per individual photograph. Sometimes you may have multiple views of a room,  pick the one that highlights the best features.  

Policies & Disclaimers


We offer free revisions, if you are not 100% pleased with the designs, up to 3 revisions.


We require payment at the time of placing the order,  you will have full access to your staged photos upon receipt of our email delivery.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


Upon written request, we will offer a full refund if not fully satisfied after (3) revisions.


Staging Monkey reserves the right to use any photos for marketing purposes including, but not limited, to any and all Staging Monkey website and social media pages.

Customer Care

Staging Monkey is a professional real estate staging service, specializing in virtual staging furniture and furniture removal. Driven by three core tenets: fast turnaround, realistic images/designs, and professional customer care.

Any design/edit questions or related inquiries,  email the staging team at

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